Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Let me introduce myself.
I am Coach Erica, or Coach Walsh III. 
Yes the third. 
I currently coaching cheerleading at a high school in Nevada.  When I started, there were two Coach Walsh's on staff.  Both were or had been coaches.  About 5 years in I married Mr. Walsh I, creating the moniker the third... 

About Me: 
I have been either cheerleading or coaching cheerleading (and track) since 1992.  I ran track in middle school and two years of high school and I cheered in high school for three years.  I began junior-coaching cheer my Junior year.  I have been coaching since then. 15 Years.  I have coached everything from YMCA Rec, Pop Warner, Middle School, High School and All-Stars.  I have not been a College coach, but I have mentored many athletes onto College teams as well as judged high school and college tryouts. 

My favorite level to coach is High School.  The students are, for most of them, at the most athletic point of their lives.  They are excited to learn and willing to try new things.  They are pressured by their peers to look good, which makes expecting them to look good easier.

I am currently a member of our state coaches association as a coach and a board member.  My job is to help mentor new coaches and make sure that we are all on the correct page as far as rules and sportsmanship.  In 2008 I was awarded the Coach of the Year award.  It was an amazing accomplishment to finally have been recognised for all the hard work and dedication that I put into this sport. 

It has been suggested to me on numerous occasions that I write a book.  Put all the knowledge that I pass on to my colleagues into the written word.   While, yes, writing a book is on my bucket list, the details are a little sketchy.  I am not sure how to organize my thoughts and knowledge into a book that coaches would like to read.  My thought was to start a blog and see if it can help me hone those ideas into logic.

My goal will be to write in the blog at least twice a week.  I am hoping to write more, but lets start with baby steps.  I hope that you decide to follow along and help me organize those thoughts.  If you are currently a Coach of Cheer or any other sport, a parent of a cheerleader or athlete, or just a curious citizen, please FEEL FREE to comment and make suggestions.  I love answering questions about cheerleading. 


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