Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Growing Up

Growing up. 
We all do it.  
We coach our kids on how to do it. 

The funny thing is we never stop. We are constantly growing, learning and living life. The more we live life, the more we grow. As we grow our lives change and evolve. What we want an need changes. Our tastes change and our friends change. Thus causing more growth.  It's a never ending circle. 

Over the last year I've grown a lot. I have realized that I am quick to judge and quicker to say no when something is not done my way. I am learning that my way is great (duh). but Gosh darn it so are a lot of other ways. What I do, I do for a reason. Usually I've tried and failed and come to a conclusion of how I need something done. But that doesn't mean that someone else's way
or idea is wrong... It's what works for them. 

I apply this to coaching because this season I have tried to be more accepting of others coaching styles and my cheerleaders interest in making suggestions. Some days I just can't. Some days I'm too overwhelmed or stressed to relinquish control. But the days that I do step back and let others try things... Shockingly it usually goes just fine!  

For some, your probably thinking... Yeah, we all learned that a hundred years ago...  Well being an OCD control nut tends to limit your learning curve and ability to relax.  Please be patient with me!

I don't know if my cheerleaders or my other coaching friends have noticed, if they haven't it's ok. Our struggles and accomplishments don't need to be recognized by others in order to make them valid, only that we see it and work towards a better us. (Something else I've learned.)

As one of my best friends is always saying; "We're the same, but different."
This is true! We are all working towards the same goals. We know what works for our kids and our programs. We should never stop listening to each other or encouraging each other.  You never know when listening to another persons idea will help you develop your self into the person you were destined to become. 

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