Saturday, October 11, 2014

No More Negativity, Please.

A note to those in the stands tonight with so much to say...
You sit in the stands week after week and think you know how easy it is to play the game or cheer. You sit in the bleachers and make comments about the coaches and the athletes like you personally could do better. These kids and these coaches put their hearts on the line each week, not for you to judge and make nasty comments. They do it for the love of the game. They do it because it is something they like to do. They do it because they are proud to represent their school, community and themselves. Win or lose, good spirit or bad, they don't do it for you. You should take pride in the abilities of these kids who put themselves out there each week not belittle them. They know when they make a mistake. They know when things go wrong. Let the athletes and the coaches work that out. They could be out doing drugs or causing problems in our community, but they are not. They are working hard each week to better themselves and their team. To those spectators in the crowd tonight the were making nasty comments about the cheerleaders and their coach and about the football team and their coaches, Shame On You! 
Yes, you are absolutely welcome to your opinion, but you are not welcome to make these kids feel poorly about themselves and their performances. People like you are not easy to play and participate in front of yet they do it. To those parents who are going to cuss and yell the entire game, stay home. Your negativity is not necessary. These kids deserve better than that. They have EARNED it.

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