Friday, April 12, 2013

Jump Around

Last year my post on Jumps was the most popular for my blog for the A to Z Challenge.  I decided to keep with that topic for the "J" theme for today.  

So many people watch cheerleaders and see them jumping around on the sidelines and don’t realize that the jumping they are doing are very specific movements and require quite a bit of athleticism.  In all, there are 9 different jumps that cheerleaders perform.  The tuck, star (straddle), tabletop (hook), left and right side hurdlers, left and right herkies, toe touch, left and right front hurdlers, pike and double nine. 

Jumps can be broken down into three parts.
The approach or the prep, the execution of the jump and the landing.

The approach is where we set up for the jump.  Usually we start with the arms in a high v or high clasp position and swing the arms toward the ground while bending our knees. 

The execution starts from the end of the prep and is where we actually leave the ground.  Swinging the arms back up to a T or high V position and lifting the legs off the ground into one of the positions listed above.

The landing is one of the most important pieces of the jump.  Once we have finished with the execution part, we snap the legs together and land on the ground on the balls of our feet.

Here is an example of how to do a toe touch jump.
JUMP - The Toe Touch

In order to achieve the beautiful jump shown here, it takes quite a bit of stretching and conditioning.  Jumps use leg and core strength, hip stability and flexibility.  My team works on circuit training, dynamic training and stretching during pre-season and summer to improve these skills.  Here is one of out workouts:

Dynamic Warm-Up (60 Yards Each)

High Knees
Butt Kickers
Frog Leaps
Walking Lunges
Walking High Kicks
Inch Worms
Spiderman Crawl
Leg Swings (on Fence)

Circuit Training (Do the Circuit Two Times)

Straddle Ups (15)
Right Kicks (20 Kicks)
Left Kicks (20 Kicks)
Crunches – Straight Legs (30 Crunches)
Jumping Jacks – High V Low V (20 Times)
Push-Ups – From The Ground (15 Push-Ups)
Lunges (15 On Each Leg)
Squats (20 With A 3 Second Hold)
Continuous Whip Jumps (20 Times)
Planks (20 Seconds At A Time, Bent Arms)
Hip Flexors (20 Seconds On Each Leg And Middle)
Wall Sits (30 Seconds, Arms Over Head)


Cool-Down Stretch (Stretch from Head to Toe)

Roll Head To From And Back
Roll Shoulders Front And Back
Right & Left Arm Across Your Chest
Right & Left Arm Behind Your Head
Hands Clasped Behind Your Back And Straighten Arms
Standing Pike Stretch
Left & Right Quad Stretch
Standing Straddle Left, Right & Middle
Squat Stretch
Left And Right Batgirl Stretch
Sitting Straddle Left, Right & Middle
Sitting Left & Right Hurdler Stretch
Sitting Pike, Flex Feet & Lift Heels Off Ground
Sitting Pike, Pointed Toes
Butterfly, Legs In Tight
Butterfly, Legs Out
Cover Girl Left & Right
Pigeon Pose, Left & Right
Splits, Left, Right & Middle
Roll Ankles & Wrists
Bridge Stretch

I hope this helps you in your team quest for better jumps!

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