Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hey, Hey Here we GO!

Here is a chant list to get you started. 
Changing the names, mascot and colors can make it your own!


  1. Break Through Fight Back Defense Attack
  2. Defense X Defense X D D Defense
  3. Defense, Defense, Lets Go Defense, Hold (P) (P) That Line
  4. Hey * Hey Defense * Hold That Line
  5. Hey! Turn Up The Heat, Push ‘Em Back Big D
  6. Hit High, Hit Low Tigers, Lets Go!
  7. H-O XX L-D, Xx Hold ‘Em Hold ‘Em Big D
  8. Hold The Line, Hold The Line, Defense Hold That Line
  9. K-I-C-K * Block That Kick
  10. Push ‘em back, Push ‘em back, Push ‘em back big D
  11. Put That Pressure On Go Get ‘Em * Big D
  12. Tigers, Hey X X Take It Away
  13. T To The A To The K To The E, Take That Ball Away
  14. T-A  K-E Take That Ball Away
  15. Take it away, Make that Play, Take that ball away
  16. Take That Ball Away, defense take that ball away
  17. They Got * We Want It * Get That Ball
  18. Tighten Up The Defense I Said Hold (*X) That (*X) Line (*XX)
  19. You got the ball we want the ball Hey, defense defense

  1. (Stomp Clap Stomp Stomp Clap) Red and Blue
  2. 7-3-1 SHS
  3. ATT-ACK Tigers Attack
  4. Be Aggressive, B-E Aggressive, B-E-A-GG-R-E-SS-I-V-E, Aggressive, B-E Aggressive
  5. F-I-G-H-T Fight Tigers Fight
  6. G-O G-O Lets Go Lets Go, Lets Go Tigers
  7. G-O Go Tigers High Go
  8. Go G-O, Go Tigers Go
  9. G-O Lets Go Tigers, G-O Lets Go.
  10. Go With A G And O, Go Tigers Go
  11. Hey All You Tiger Fans Stand Up And Clap Your Hands X X XXX X X XXX Now That You’ve Got The Beat, This Time Lets Stomp Our Feet SX SXX SX SX SXX
  12. Hey Crowd - Yell SHS, SHS.  Hey Crowd - Yell We’re The Best, We’re The Best.  All Together Now SHS Yell It We’re The Best, SHS Yell It We’re The Best
  13. Hey You out in the Crowd, If You’ve Got Spirit Let’s Clap Out Loud (Slap, Clap Clap Out In Slap Clap Clap Out In Out In Slap Clap Clap Out In) S-H-S!
  14. It’s A Time Out So Shout It Out, Lets Go Tigers
  15. It’s Time To Begin, The Kick Off To Win
  16. Lets * Go * S H S Lets Go
  17. Red * Blue, Go Tigers, Go Tigers Go
  18. Red Blue and White (Slap Clap) Come On Tigers Lets Fight (Slap Clap)
  19. Red, Blue Let’s Hear It. Catch the Spirit
  20. Move from side to side show that Tiger pride
  21. Tigers, In The House, Yell Go, Fight, Win
  22. The Beat
  23. Turning Up The Heat * Tigers * Cant Be Beat
  24. Victory XX To-Night, V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, Victory XX To-Night
  25. We Are, Together We Are, Together We Are the Tigers
  26. Were Out! Were Out To Get A V-Vi-Vic-Tory
  27. W-I-N  Fight To Win
  28. You Know It, You Know The Story, So Tell The Whole Wide World This Is Tiger Territory

  1. 1st And 10, We Want To Win, Offense Run Through
  2. Down the field, down the field, score score
  3. First * And Ten * Go Fight Win
  4. Move Fast * Block Hard * Push That Ball * 10 More Yards
  5. Move it x down the field, lets score 6 more
  6. Move It, Get To It, Touch Down, Touch Down
  7. Move The Ball Down The Field, Move That Ball Lets Score
  8. Now’s The Time Offense  X X X Move That Ball
  9. Offense Jump To It, We’ve Got The Ball Lets Move It
  10. Onward To The Goal Post, Tigers Strive To Win, With A T-O-U-CH-D-O-W-N
  11. Railroaders x x Railroaders x Score 6 more
  12. Run it, now catch it, Tigers score 6
  13. S-C x x O-R-E x x  Score Score Score
  14. SCO X* RE Score Railroaders
  15. Six More * Six More X Come on Tigers lets Up That Score
  16. Tigers* Score 6 Lets Go, Move That Ball.
  17. Take It All The Way (P) First Down
  18. Touchdown, Touchdown, Lets Score 6
  19. Come On * Tigers * Lets Go X X X
  20. Here We Go Tigers Here We Go X X
  21. Hey Hey Here We Go S-H-S
  22. Railroaders x x Railroaders x Lets GO Tigers
  23. Tigers are The Mightiest
  24. Yell It Louder Now, Let’s Go Tigers!

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