Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Coaches are joined in the task of teaching, leading and setting examples for our cheerleaders. We may not all be friends, but we should respect what we all do. When you think about that cross-town (or cross-state) rival, remember that while you and your team are working hard at practice, so are they. When you have team drama, so do they. When you are celebrating goals and making memories, so are they. We are unique in our sport that we really cannot judge our successes on a daily or weekly basis by wins and losses. We have the harder task of knowing and understanding that our accomplishments are judged in our hearts. We have a successful game when our stunts hit, the crowd stays in control and we keep our spirit up.

When you visit another team or someone visits you in your gym, why not greet them and show them you appreciate what they do? Talk to the coach; get to know the names of their cheerleaders. These things make a huge difference in the spirit of the games.  Try to prepare your cheerleaders before traveling by sharing stories of previous visits and friendships made while at the destination school. It helps the kids to respect what the other team does and goes through. Let us keep the confrontations on the court, spirit leaders are spirit leaders no matter what colors you wear.


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