Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pre-Season & Summer Workout

Pre-Season & Summer Workout
Work Out 5 Days A Week. 
Do The Circuit Workout with the UCA or Dynamic Warm-Up. 

Tuesday/Thursday Do The Boot Camp Crunch Workout That I Have Posted On Youtube. 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Workout
Either The Uca Conditioning Workout Or The Dynamic Warm-Up

UCA Conditioning Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up
(60 Yards Each)
High Knees
Butt Kickers
Inch Worms
Spiderman Crawl
Leg Swings

Circuit Training
(Do The Circuit Two Times)
Straddle Ups (15)
Right Kicks (20 Kicks)
Left Kicks (20 Kicks)
Crunches – Straight Legs (30 Crunches)
Jumping Jacks – High V Low V (20 Times)
Push-Ups – From The Ground (15 Push-Ups)
Lunges (15 On Each Leg)
Squats (20 With A 3 Second Hold)
Continuous Whip Jumps (20 Times)
Planks (20 Seconds At A Time, Bent Arms)
Hip Flexors (20 Seconds On Each Leg And Middle)
Wall Sits (30 Seconds, Arms Over Head)

Cool-Down Stretch

Stretch From Head To Toe
Roll Head To From And Back
Roll Shoulders Front And Back
Right & Left Arm Across Your Chest
Right & Left Arm Behind Your Head
Hands Clasped Behind Your Back And Straighten Arms
Standing Pike Stretch
Left & Right Quad Stretch
Standing Straddle Left, Right & Middle
Squat Stretch
Left And Right Batgirl Stretch
Sitting Straddle Left, Right & Middle
Sitting Left & Right Hurdler Stretch
Sitting Pike, Flex Feet & Lift Heels Off Ground
Sitting Pike, Pointed Toes
Butterfly, Legs In Tight
Butterfly, Legs Out
Cover Girl Left & Right
Pigeon Pose, Left & Right
Splits, Left, Right & Middle
Roll Ankles & Wrists
Bridge Stretch

Tuesday & Thursday

The Crunch Boot Camp Workout.  Please Use Dumbbells If You Have Them.  If You Don’t Have Dumbbells You Can Use Soup Cans Or Water Bottles.

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